Jan's Martingale Collars and Walking Leads

How to care for your lead

Hand wash your lead in cold water and hang to dry.  Do not put it in the dryer. High heat will seriously damage your lead. The polypropylene webbing, polyester padding, cotton fabrics and trims in your lead will dry very quickly at room temperature.  With just a bit of care it will look good and serve you well for years

Polypropylene webbing is a loose, open weave fabric.  It is extremely strong and has a breaking strength of 600-800 lbs.  However, if it is damaged, even slightly, it will start to unravel.  Quick repairs can be made by holding an open flame, such as a match or lighter over the damaged area.  Move quickly.  The polypropylene will melt almost instantly-sealing the broken fibers.  If the leash webbing becomes worn or damaged beyond this quick repair it can be replaced.

Contact me about sending it back for repairs.

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